In Mutiny

The name for this blog was inspired by this excellent piece on the 25th annivasary of the Black July by V.V. Ganeshanathan. The piece appeared in the blog Sepia Mutiny. Here is a particularly relevent excerpt:

On the 24th of July, rioting began as news spread about the deaths of the soldiers. The government was obviously complicit in the pogroms. (This link is to a Sri Lankan government website.) People with voter lists directed the mobs to the homes and properties of Tamils, which they destroyed. Thugs stopped vehicles on the streets, and, ascertaining the Tamil identities of the people within, set them aflame. When the violence finally ended, days later, as many as three thousand Tamils had been killed. Thousands and thousands more were left homeless. Shortly after, Sri Lanka saw a flood of Tamil emigration.

The 25th anniversary of such a hellish hour in the country’s history should not pass unnoticed on the Mutiny. Sri Lanka is Mutinous; it’s Mutinous in all the wrong ways: fostering ethnic hatred, distrust, violence, censorship, betrayal, and rootlessness in its own people. And it’s Mutinous in all the right ones: Sri Lanka and its diasporas are full of people who resist easy definition and boundaries, who refuse to cede to what they believe to be wrong, and who still fight, after twenty-five years, for a just home in the most beautiful place on earth. This is not a country that can be seen in black and white. This is a country in which authorities helped Sinhalese civilians to attack their Tamil neighbors. And this also is a country in which the people who saw that what was happening was wrong took their Tamil countrymen i and tried to protect them from the chaos. The best of human nature beginning a long battle against the worst of human nature. [do read the whole thing]

This blog will be a space for people, especially young people, to be mutnous in all the right ways, to express opinions on the issues related to the conflict in Sri Lanka. Primarily, participants of this blog will be young people involved in the Colombo Study Circle project of Beyond Borders. But the door is open for anyone and everyone to contribute. 

If you’d like to be contributor, just send in your contributions to inmutiny[at] with your piece of writing. For more information visit this page.


One response to “In Mutiny

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