Aljazeera Inside Story — Sri Lanka’s Civil Strife

There is an initial report on the situation near the battlefront near Kilinochchi. Followed by a discussion between Palitha Kohana (Sri Lankan foreign secretary), Sinnappu Maharasingham (Chairman – Tamil Action Committee) and Ashok Mehta (former commanding officer IPKF)

Here’s part 1:

And Part 2:


2 responses to “Aljazeera Inside Story — Sri Lanka’s Civil Strife

  1. No end in sight it seems despite all the talk…

  2. Nalaka Abeyratne

    The knowledge of Tamil gentleman is a disgrace. The LTTE has successfully eliminated all intelligent Tamil leaders and you are left with Karuna, Pilliyan and this Sinnappu fellow. The deterioration of higher education in the northern peninsula is disrupted, hence we don’t see Tamil intellectuals anymore.

    The incompetent Canadian-Tamils, who’s objectivity is stilled marred by the ’83 riots, not withstanding.

    A tragedy. The government owes it to the Tamils before anything else to invest heavily in higher education in the eastern province.

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