Define a teacher’s role at this perod of time in relation to the conflict?

Right now in the current environment I believ that not only teachers but the entire education system itself has a key role to play in solving this ethnic conflict in the long run. I strongly believe that new subejects whould be introduced into the curriculum such as conflict resolution and more initiatives to be taken to foster cross cultural communication. What we have realized in the past few years is that students studying sciences or maths do not have a full grasp at to the different  dynamics of this conglicts while students who are pursuiting arts courses are far mopre open minded and are able to view an entity from different perspectives. In thjis climate of war its of paramount importance that we understand each other better and especially eradicate this notion of all tamils being supporters of the L.T.T.E. I myself believes that the L.T.T.E. should be defeated however i have also realized the tamil community has been receiving a great deal of second class treatment by the authorities which consists of some narrow-minded Sinhalese. Its imperative that we promote tolerance in this nation since as long as the tamil community feel that they are not welcomed in this country, the L.T.T.E. has a mandate to operate.

— A Student, 20.


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