Do you support the L.T.T.E. ?

What you have to realize is that we really don’t have a choice. Whether it is for the good or bad there is no other party that is willing to advocate our interests other than the L.T.T.E. My parents used to live in Jaffna when I was small and during their stay there, they absolutely hated the L.T.T.E. big time. They had to live in constant fear that one day officials of the L.T.T.E. would simply walk in and take me away to a L.T.T.E. training camp. Being sick of this environment we somehow managed to make it Colombo, once here we realized that the Sri Lankan government was no better. Not only the government even many people I know of different ethnicities I know, looked at us in a way which is quite different to the way they look at others. When we are stopped at check points, we are subjected to treatment that can easily violate common article 3 in the Geneva Convention regarding “outrages on personal dignity.” I am simply sick of this country, we have no place here and I can’t wait to go to university, abroad. My parents and I both hated the L.T.T.E. but after we came to Colombo and realized all the shit that we had to undergo here I can’t help but to see the L.T.T.E. in a positive light.

Neil – Student


One response to “Do you support the L.T.T.E. ?

  1. Yes. I do. When the legal formalities to remove the ban on the organization is completed, i will provide materialistic support also.

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