Is the younger generation more supportive of the war?

As far as I am concerned, I belive that in some parts of the country that such as in urbanized cities like Colombo and Kandy the youth don’t support the war one of the possible reasons why the youth in these regions don’t support the war is because they receive a far more liberal education. As a student pursuing the London A level stream, what I have realized is that studying subjects such as History and Geography, I have managed to receive a broader understanding of this conflict in relation to other events around the world in the past. While having also been part of the local curriculum stream, I believe that the local syllabus should broaden its scope and try to integrate a wider scope of views in line with the globalizing world of today. On the other hand I believe that the youth of the rural areas are far more likely to be supportive of the war and far more likely to be racist due to the lack of ethnic diversity in such areas. I also have witnessed a clear pattern, in terms of those families that uphold traditional views also tend to be die hard supporters of the war.

Rana – Sinhalese student


4 responses to “Is the younger generation more supportive of the war?

  1. mmm… interesting to see such youths in SRi Lanka 🙂

  2. Yeah… 1/1000 students do London A/Ls IN COLOMBO…

  3. Have you tried the Local A’L students? the ones going to Sinhala-Buddhist National Schools?

  4. Supporting the war and Racism are two different things, don’t mix the two up. Fighting to free Sri Lanka of Terrorism and being a racist are two things far apart. Racist are only a subset of all Sri Lankans who support the war. You foreign syllabus may have given you a broader knowledge, but has not given you the skill of logical thinking! And a survey of FEW does not give the view of the Majority.

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