Should there be an Eelam?

Listen if you are to ask any sinhalese person today whether its acceptable for a part of our country to be acceded to the LTTE, they would immediately blast you for even aksing such a thing. My point is if there is a significant movement in the international coomunity towards recognizing kosovo as a country (already the US, EU and several other nations have) why can’t they recognize tamil Elam as a country. How different were the chauvinistic sinhala regimes of the Bandaranaika’s and the Rajapakse’s different from the regime of Slobodan Milosevic. It is aboslutely absurd, the sinhalese majority government lost their right to govern over us ever since the 1960’s with the passing of the one language bill. As long as there is a sinhala majority in this country, the Sri Lankan regime will continue to pass dicriminatory measures all in the name of defeating terrorism and the sinhalese majority is sure to turn a blind eye. I am appealing to the inetrnational community what makes us different from Kosovo.



8 responses to “Should there be an Eelam?

  1. The short answer: No.
    While I could give you a million reasons, lets start with Kosovo. Kosovo is recognized by only 52 nations, that’s merely 25% of the world community. Independence has not resolved issues in Kosovo; now there is a “reverse” problem with Serbs demanding for their rights. In the recent past, we have seen sovereign nations being divided into several “countries” based on communal or tribal interests. Giving Sebrs the Serbia, Slavacs the Slovakia, Czechs the Czech Republic has not brought them peace at all, its not a lasting solution. Do you mean to say Sri Lanka should be divided and Tamils chased away to the North, and the Sinhalese kept in the South? To be fair, why not divide according to the population ratio, so that even the Kafeer community in Negombo gets a few acres of their own “Independent State?” Honestly, if you are encouraging division, where do you draw the line..? Only Tamils and Sinhalese, or the Muslims, Burgers and other minorities included?
    Look beyond the fence around your house my friend. The borders and fences don’t make sense anymore. We are a global community – crossing borders every day: born in one place, educated in another, working in one and retiring to another. Yes, we must maintain our traditions and unique cultural identities, but that does not require a physical division or a separate passport.
    My advice, open your eyes to the world. Encourage unity and harmony, not division and hatred. Welcome to the 21st century.

  2. Serendib seem to be out of touch from reality. Welcome to the free world of 21st century Serendib. Eezham will be endorsed by many contries. No doubt about that.

    It is evident that majority of Tamil people in Sri Lanka have endorsed an Independent Tamil Eezham (The 22 elected members from the TNA have extended unconditional support to the Tamil Tigers). It is also evident that majority of Tamil Nadu people are endorsing an Independent Tamil Eezham (Recent Surveys by Indian Express & Ananda Vikatan). The Tamil Tigers have built a military force that can defend this independent territory.

    A grand majority of Lankan Tamil groups are behind Tamil Tigers today (TNA Members – EPRLF, TELO, TULF, Tamil Congress etc). There is still a minority group (among Lankan Tamils) that has a different view which is quite normal in any society. Rajapakse knows that his army cannot eliminate the Tigers. All he is hoping to achieve is to reduce Tamil Tigers territory and improve Sri Lanka’s negotiation power

    Focus on Eelam

  3. Dear Sunderapandyan,

    While I reiterate that unity and harmony is the way forward, not division and hatred, let me put forward some food for thought for you:

    1. Division doesn’t resolve issues. Dividing India and giving Muslims the East & the West (Pakistan & Bangladesh today) has not brought peace and harmony to India. The fight goes on, and the tensions keep rising. The borderline did not resolve anything, except paving the way for more violence and trouble. The latest example is the Mumbai attack.

    2. If you are so keen on forming a “free” nation for the Tamils, why not pick Tamil Nadu as your native country? Tamils have more right to Tamil Nadu than Sri Lanka, There were no Tamils in Sri Lanka when our civilisation began.

    3. What do you know about EPRLF, TELO, TULF, EPDP and LTTE? LTTE systematically got rid of the other four “fellow Tamil-brotherhood” to gain power – and they are still divided within their cast and creed. That was the root-cause for the break-up between LTTE and Karuna, who has taken the wise decision to join the democratic process to serve the Tamils. There is no unity among the Tamils as you see it, I’m sorry to wake you up from your dream.

    4. I recently travelled to, and from, Vavuniya with a senior TNA member of the Parliament. TNA “is” the LTTE in the parliament, the MP’s are pawns of the LTTE. I’m surprised that you think TNA is an independent Tamil voice that supports LTTE.

    5. LTTE has built a military force thanks to petty politics in the country and the tolerance of the Buddhist majority. If the government in power squashed them like the way they squashed the two Sinhalese terror uprisings in the early 70’s and late 80’s, we won’t be having this discussion today. Do you know that over 60,000 Sinhala youth are still missing (abducted and killed) from the uprising in the late 80’s? The people in power have been too kind to the Tamil terrorists – they are lucky to have not got the same treatment.

    6. Amongst many disadvantages, Sinhala majority cannot buy land in Jaffna by law, while the Tamils can by land anywhere in the country. Tamils DO have more than their fair share in our country at every level; the numbers would prove that. Its the Sinhala majority that is at a disadvantage, by law and by treatment. The Sinhalese, Muslim, Burger and all other minorities go through the same check-points and mid-night raids just like your Tamil brotherhood, don’t think the Tamils get a different treatment here.

    7. What has your LTTE brought to the average Tamil in the North except misery? Living in fear and being forcibly encrypted, being black mailed and terrorised… living in extreme poverty, the agony they go through to escape the misery is beyond words. You should talk to the Tamils who left the LTTE grasp and opted to live elsewhere what it means to be under the LTTE rule.

    My guess is you are one of the non-Sri Lankan Tamils who has no clue of what’s going on in Sri Lanka. I’m sorry, you seem to be the one not in touch with reality.

    In Sri Lanka, Unity and harmony is the solution, and if you believe that Tamils should have their own nation, please pick Tamil Nadu.

  4. India has adopted a federal structure and we Indian Tamils have built a thriving economy here. Tamils in India are not subjected to any harrasment like in Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka has refused to adopt a federal setup due to the inferiority complex of the southern Sinhalese hardliners.

    Tamil Nadu and Tamil Eezham – both are the traditional homelands of Tamils. While it is good for Tamil Nadu to be a part of the Indian union, the opposite is true for Tamil Eezham and Sri Lanka.

    Only the people of Tamil Eezham have the right to decide their future. You and me forcing them is not fair. And from what I can see – A majority of Eezham Tamils in Sri Lanka and those who took refuge in the West and else where feel that they have had enough with the Sinhalese.

    In order to promote peace and regional stability , we have to deliver Tamil Eezham. The only hope for the Sinhalese to earn any respect from the Eezham Tamils is by endorsing free Tamil Eezham.

  5. You are correct Sunderapandyan. Those who oppose Tamil Eelam are Tamil Brahmins like Cho Ramaswami, Subramanyam Swamy, The Hindu Editor N. Ram and Journalist Malini Parthasarathy. The Tamil Brahmins are dangerous than Al-Qaida. They want separate state for Brahmins in Tamil Nadu. Media is suffering in the hands of Brahmin community by spreading biased news. They are acting like Sri Lankan agent. I guess they might have bribed by the Sri Lankan government.

  6. This is indeed interesting. People who have no idea about what is going on in Sri Lanka, telling us what we should do..! The East already HAS a provincial government run by Tamils, and the North would soon get one.

    LTTE leader was offered the self rule in the North and East by same by the former President, but he wanted more. Look where his greediness has taken us, and the innocent Tamils of the country!

    North and the East belonged to the Buddhists long before the Chola influence, Sri Lankan civilasation began in the North, not in the South. Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese and the Veddahs, no one else, that is if one was to talk about the ownership and rights.

    We have been too nice and too hospitable, and we will continue to be so.

    My friends from Tamil Nadu, please take away your tribal ideas from our country – Sri Lanka belongs to everyone. One country, one nation. A nation made up of the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and all the other minorities.

  7. Serendib says “Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese and the Veddahs, no one else, that is if one was to talk about the ownership and rights.”

    There ends the case. When the Sinhalese have become racists based on the teachings of Mahavamsa – Tamils cannot trust them any more.

  8. As stated by Sunderapandyan, the sinhalese are still with the Mahavamsa mindset, that the Island belongs only to them. OK, if you think that the Tamils would prefer to live under the rule of the united Sri Lanka. Why don’t we conduct a UN monitored referendum and see? The Sinhalese extremist will never agree to that. They would be scared that Tamils would vote overwhelmingly for the party that stood for the restoration of Tamil sovereignty as they did in 1977.

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