War and Business?

As a businessmen, I believe that the civil conflict does not really help us in any way. From a businessman’s point of view, the war is merely a waste of resources. It would be far more prudent to give precedence to economic development of the country rather than a wasteful war. One thing that the Rajapakse regime should realize is that you need a strong economy to fight a war. During the past few years number of tourists who are an important source of foreign currency, coming to this country has sharply declined due to the unfavourable media reports aired on tv channels such as BBC highlighting the violence in the country.  I mean seriously just sit down and actually think what someone gets in fighting this, seriously what do u get eventhough your valuable tax money is directed at the war effort. As far as I can see the only thing we have got back is a tightening of security measures which has been a further ste back to the business community whose tax money is what funds this war. The cost to econmic developnment because of this war is unbelieveable, Sri Lanka must have lost like 20 years of econmic growth because of this conflict.



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