The LTTE’s political capital is now in the hands of the armed forces. All over the island people are upbeat and jovial, the stocks are up, firecrackers are going off and people are coming out to celebrate on what will be a famous victory.

Here’s Iqbal Athas reporting for CNN on the capture of Kilinochchi. More reactions surely will follow:

After several days of heavy fighting, Sri Lankan troops have recaptured a northern city that until recently served as the seat of the Tamil Tiger rebel movement, military officials said Friday.

The loss of Kilinochchi is the latest in a series of reversals for the rebels, who have fought for an independent ethnic Tamil state for 25 years. News of the victory prompted celebrations in Colombo and other cities.

The Tigers ran a parallel administration from Kilinochchi with their own police force, courts, prisons and taxes, and they had declared government plans to retake the city a “daydream.” But after Sri Lanka launched a new offensive against the rebels in the fall, the rebels moved their nerve center and logistics bases to Mullaitivu, on the northeastern coast.

There was no immediate response from the Tamil Tigers to Friday’s news.

Sri Lankan troops have been on the outskirts of Kilinochchi, about 580 km (360 miles) north of Colombo, for more than a month. They took a key highway junction and a town outside the city Thursday.

The recapture of Kilinochchi follows that of the “notorious” Iranamadu junction just south of Kilinochchi on Thursday, and the capture of the town Paranthan, four kilometers (2.5 miles) away, on Wednesday, according to the military.

The gains are the most significant for government forces since mid-November, when they secured control of the country’s [east] coast.

The Tamil Tigers have fought for independence for Sri Lanka’s ethnic Tamil minority since 1983. The conflict that has left more than 65,000 dead. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

The media are not allowed into battle areas


4 responses to “KILINOCHCHI FALLS

  1. Kilinochchi has fallen, and the rest of the LTTE controlled areas won’t be far behind. The entire LTTE will soon be made a thing of the past. But the cause as to why the LTTE, or the other (now dead) organizations came into being will still remain. Tamil people will again be at the mercy of petty politicians who use the vote, and then lose the voters; a fuck and chuck of sorts. The next time the conflict manifests itself, the consequences will be deeper and more scarring.

  2. that one:
    petty politicians indeed “use the vote, and then lose the voters” etc. and no doubt tamil people who were under ltte terrorists will also suffer this( along with rest of us) in the future, as they did before.
    but if anyone decides to attack and kill others bc of that, those ppl are criminals and should be treated as such . they do not deserve sympathy .

    i do not think vast majority of tamil ppl are like that, any more than others. to imply and assume that is racist

    if you did not understand what say, think-
    stealing bc of poverty is still a crime. rightly so, and the criminal must pay .

    so do not indulge in implied justifications of crimes of terrorists.

  3. It is only a temporary victory to stupid srilankans. Soon they will face the consequences.

  4. consequences-
    that will be permanent victory against terrorists and their supporters .

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