Who’s your Daddy?

The government wants to know.  According to The Sunday Times,

The government has asked all Sri Lanka citizens to register themselves online with the Ministry of Defence.

The request is part of a government effort to further screen all persons residing in the country, said Lakshman Hulugalle, director general of the Media Centre for National Security. A website –www.citizens.lk – has been set up for the purpose.

Sri Lanka residents are required provide personal details, including name, ethnicity, home address, type of house (apartment/flat, annexe, shop) occupied, and the nearest police station. Details of temporary residents should also be declared.

“There is no time frame for registering, but if the response from the public is slow, the authorities may have to enforce registration through the law, perhaps even using emergency regulations,” Mr. Hulugalle said.

Those with no access to the internet can register at any government institution that has a special counter for registration purposes. Mobile units will be deployed in different areas on different days to facilitate the registration process.

One benefit of the online registration is that individuals can be traced speedily, Mr. Hulugalle said.

What does this mean? An open policy of ethnic-profiling  and citizen-tracking or a sensible security measure?

How excited are we about “the benifit of being traced speedily” ?

The Mutiny values your views.


8 responses to “Who’s your Daddy?

  1. i was commenting on
    post just now . seems relevant here too

    this seems optional to me legally speaking.
    at present at least –
    “no time frame”
    “may have to enforce registration through the law, perhaps even using emergency regulations” ” if the response from the public is slow – “-
    then again notice “if” , “perhaps”

    also, all this on hulugalle’s authority? he is hardly the most reliable person. is he?

    in any case expect this to fall apart due to bureaucratic incompetence and other practical difficulties before going far.

    btw do you know whether other countries have citizen registration? and which ones?
    of course authoritarian countries have or try to have something like this. but i am asking about “democracies”.
    i know usa does not. but what about europe? japan?
    singapore does have something similar i think but then it is a nanny state. israel does have one.

  2. Since only a fraction of the country has access to the internet, how is this going to work?

  3. That is the reason for Mobile units as reported by the daily mirror. It is highly impractical, this sort of activities can’t be done online.

    There are issues such as identity theft.

  4. This is normal security measure. It should be supported without a doubt. Actually, all the Tamils are anyway registered. so this is helping in getting rid of discrimination too.

    All citizens are registered and should be given an electronic ID card with all details. Someone was talking about that long time back.

    That’s the best way. Even US is talking about this card.

  5. Lest we forget that the US, under the Bush administration, went to extreme extents of violating personal freedoms.

  6. As a committed Marxian Revolutionary, i do not see any problem in this FUD technique of the state. Well, whoever that stood up to make a better world by non-violent means always had to stand up in the open and do it at the risk of one’s own life. Jesus? Mohammed? Marx? Rosa? Lenin? Trotsky? Mahathma Gandhi? Yes. Every one of them.

    The inexorable force of history is with us, those that dare! Never with oppression & suppression.

    Hey boys & girls, what if all of us write, everyone of us, every single one, non stop, via internet, email, weblogs, handbills, whatever media? ALL of US, a Million People, now! from this very moment – Against This Damn Rajapakse Regime and Their Para Military Outfit that destroys our people, our country, our freedom? Remember – That one man – Vijaya Kumaratunga stood up as a Jesus; and then made way for this damn Rajapakse of Today!

    Yes. I am waiting for you!

  7. just a joke this registration is.

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