Who is Lasantha Wickramatunga?

Asks Gotabhaya Rajapakse,  Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary.

In his latest interview given to BBC, Mr. Rajapakse mentions he knows only two kinds of people — people who fight terrorists and ‘the terrorists’. Further the Secretary goes on to agree with the statement posed by the interviewer that dissent at a time of war amounts to treason. The full video is included below.

Update (02/07) : A reader sends us another interview by Mr.Rajapakse given to the Sky News Channel. See it here.

Update(03/20):  The previous video was removed, linked to a new version.


9 responses to “Who is Lasantha Wickramatunga?

  1. Scary [edited]… the fake laughter says it all.

  2. Does this guy know what “treason” means? He laughs about the death of a man…it is important we speak of Lasantha’s death because he was the voice of thousands. Lasantha said what the masses are afraid to say. Gota..whatever (I can’t say his name to save my life) infuriates me.

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