From the Killing Fields of Mullativu

Kids look on

A couple of friends emailed me the same set of very distrurbing images.  The images were supposedly from somewhere in Mullativu, where a ‘bunch’ of people have been burnt. 

According to one email, What I was seeing was people burnt alive by the LTTE.  The email read:

This is the destiny of the innocent Tamil civilians who tried to escape into government controlled areas. If caught   they will be burned alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Extreme brutality of LTTE…… Burning their own people A L I V E !!!!!1……   

The other emailed claimed that this was sign of genocide perpetrated on the Tamil people by the terrorist Sri Lankan state.

I’m not from around there, so I don’t know.  After the initial horror and disgust of what I was just seeing sank in, I kept thinking of two things.  

First I was thinking that somone shold be responsible for this, and call me what you will, but to my mind the moral responsibility of what’s going on in the North lies with the government regardless of who killed these people.

Second I couldn’t get over this kid, who looked on burning bodies, a green doll in his hand watching on the burnt bodies.  I wonder what he will learn from all this, in his shoes I know what I will.

I’ve uploaded a couple more disturbing pictures from the ‘series’. They are not for the faint-hearted, so please be warned. Pics are here and here.



3 responses to “From the Killing Fields of Mullativu

  1. Man this is SICK!!!! Not the fact that you put the pics up, but what’s happening there. Somehow if the SL Government is doing this to defame the LTTE then i think they would have done this a long time ago. On another note if its wasn’t the Government… why isn’t it on the news?

    End of the day there needs to be justice for the people in this pic.

    I’m seriously sickened by this. I thought this shit would be over after the JVP tire burning days. As a nation we haven’t learned a toss have we???

  2. I don’t know if they were burned alive. Maybe someone was trying to get rid of the bodies. There must be many piling up.

  3. quite disturbing indeed!! I have no idea why we keep doing these things! Haven’t we learned anything for the past??

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