Responding to Samarasinghe’s Hard Talk

Blogger and fellow Mutineer Acharaya has this response to the recent interview given to BBC’s Hard Talk by Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe. He writes,

[Samarasinghe]  is largely lying despite [Hard Talk anchor] Steven’s good job at asking pointed questions. I think Steven could have been better but for a foreign journo he has done quite a bit of research.

Let me point for example one ocassion where he lies. According to HRW the screening takes place mainly at Killinochchi where the ICRC or the UNHCR do not have access. They do have access at Omanthai by which most of the screening is over.

His rhetorical question: how do we  distiguish between the civilians and the terrorists and actually know that those who have died are civilians and not terrorists. So according to the minister all those who have died and HRW tells us that 2000 odd have died so far have to be terrorists.

I am not expecting the minister to confess to all that is happening. I actually think that he pulled off a good job for the Govt. Very smartly done. The constant reference to the interviewer by his first name etc is an indication as to how good he is at this type of thing. This is one area hat the Govt was earlier week but the Samarasinghe-Jayatilleke-Wijesinghe have done really well for their master. Of course the govt in its own interest might want to keep Gota away from the videos. He gives away the truth out quite indiscreetly.

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One response to “Responding to Samarasinghe’s Hard Talk

  1. Dear world leaders,
    These people are selected by the President and appointed to certain positions after being interviewed.The main requirement for these posts is covering the truth and offering the untruth.They are being well paid for that.All these culprits should be bombed by the god.Dam shameless people.What they have is a wide range of fox smile.Do you understand?They are fooling the whole world leaders.But who will punish them? One day they will sell this country without notifying the nation itself like this war situations.No one who lives in Colombo know what is happening in the north.All false reports,videos are shown daily to our fools where as they are delighted with it and if I mention the real to even my friends,they do not believe it.That is the real drama here.

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