Hunting the Tigers — Sri Lanka’s two Wars

Australia’s SBS has a new report on the situation in Sri Lanka. Highlights include  Defence Secretary Gotabahaya calling a journalist a terrorist, footage from the relief camps and much more.

The feature report is available at the SBS website at full length and on youtube included here in parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3


7 responses to “Hunting the Tigers — Sri Lanka’s two Wars

  1. Through the Australian SBS reporter, Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa (brother of the Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapakse) told the world that truth about Sri Lanka should not be reported. He justified recent murders and arrests of the journalists in Sri Lanka.

    He is sending message to the Sri Lankan security forces that if you kill journalists, you are considered to be doing the right thing for the country.

  2. peaceforsrilanka

    One sided story.
    Do you allowed to go to US prisons and interview people? Whey are you asking such rights in Sri Lanka?

    The refugees cannot go out, because still among them there are LTTE carders who are sent by the LTTE to carry out operations in south. So untill we are clear that there is no threat we cannot just allow them to leave the camps.

    Also where can they go, there lands are full of landmines buried by the LTTE. We need to clean them and assure their safety first. Whey don’t you media people think about that side.

    Also, why did not you shore the atrocities carried out by the LTTE? Do you think you can go and even question a single person in the LTTE controlled area?

    Media should act responsibly. Any white man can come to our country and become a big press person because we still respect your white skin thanks to the British. Use that respect to do something good to our country without supporting terrorist.

    Put yourself in the government’s shoes and think what you would do to protect this country? Then you will realize that many of these actions are the ones that you would also follow.

  3. The interview with the defence secretary of Sri Lanka clearly shows that it is a war between two nations in one country and it is not going to be over yet. It is a war of 100% Sri Lankan Army against Tamils. Tamils have no rights in Sri Lanka. They can be killed and tortured in numbers and it cannot be reported in the media. Even good Sinhalese reporting on the situation are killed.

    Sri Lanka tries to portray that by defeating LTTE they can win the support of Tamils. LTTE’s dream is Tamils’ dream. No Tamil wants to live under Sri Lankan rule. Sri Lankan government knows this very well. That’s why Sri Lanka treats Tamils as Tigers. That is true. Tamils need to carry registration documents when they live and travel in government controlled areas. Tamils need to be seen as supporting the government – or else they can be detained, tortured and killed. When Tamils are killed Sinhalese cheer in victory.

    War against Tamils is an illegitimate war and it should be stopped immediately. This war is conducted as if Tamils were from a different country. Now, every day on an average 50 Tamils are being killed in the Sri Lankan Government designated safe zones in Vanni by indiscriminate shelling. It is a genocidal act of Sri Lankan government.

    LTTE is not a terrorist organisation as portrayed by Sri Lankan government. They are the freedom fighters, fighting for the right of Tamils. This is an issue which started since the Sri Lankan independence more than 60 years ago. Tamils have been showing their opposition in a peaceful manner and gradually took up arms 25 years ago when all their peaceful requests were disregarded by the government with arrest, torture and killing of those opposing Sinhalese government.

    The Sinhalese dream is to weaken Tamils by killing in the name of terrorism and occupying and colonising whole of Sri Lanka with Sinhalese… a genocidal, illegitimate and immoral act by Sri Lankan government.

    The way the Sri Lanka Defence Secretary and his president brother is handling the situation more and more killings are going to continue.

    To achieve “peace for Sri Lanka”, Tamil rights have to be recognised first rather than try to put the blame on them.

  4. Put yourself in the government’s shoes and think what you would do to protect this country? Then you will realize that many of these actions are the ones that you would also follow.

    This is the easy way out. The easy way out, is generally not the best way out. If you don’t have anything to hide, then what are you hiding?

    I completely agree with your rationale of clearing everybody to see if they are supporters of the LTTE. This is a labour extensive and a very time consuming process. This is exactly why the Government should allow local or international aid agencies to come and help them work at the ground level. This is not happening.

    The best thing the Government can do to shut all these people up, is to let them talk.

  5. Dear world Leaders,
    Come to Sri Lanka.Follow the way to run a country through our leaders.You will get all the secrets from them.America even you.

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