US to Support a UN Security Council briefing on Sri Lanka

Inner City Press reports that United States supports a briefing on Sri Lanka at the United Nations Security Council. ICP is quoting Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the UN during a press briefing on Darfur. The comments came in a response to a question asked by an ICP reporter.

Here’s the relevent excerpt from the official transcript,

Reporter: Speaking of people at risk, I wanted to ask you; there’s a request in the Council for a briefing on Sri Lanka where 150-some thousand civilians- are trapped and being fired at from both sides, what is the US position on that?

Ambassador Rice: The US supports that request.

Reporter: And what about helping to evacuate or someway help the civilians that are there?

Ambassador Rice: The United States feels strongly about and concerned about Sri Lanka and we support the provision of it to the Council- a full and updated information on the humanitarian situation. [link]

Official Video here  (see archives March 20).  Also available on youtube (see at [4.10]).

According to ICP,  Costa Rica and Mexico also supports the request made by EU. China however “vehemently” opposes the request.

More at ICP.


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