On Federalism

Minister of Ports, Dilan Perera and the leader of the TULF, Anandasangaree offer their perspectives on addressing the grievances of Tamil People through devolution of power.  

Should Sri Lanka adopt a Federal structure or is the 13th amendment adequate? The Mutiny welcomes your views. Vote below and if you’d like to elaborate write a comment.


2 responses to “On Federalism

  1. Very encouraging, but how often does words actually translate into action. Also, do not underestimate the influence and power of various ‘spoilers’ whose very existence depends on a fractured society. Unless these elements are factored in and dealt with prudently, it would only be a matter of time before violence is once again chosen as the primary means to an end [of discrimination]. I believe what’s most essential to a process of power sharing is an informed constituency from the south. I feel it’s their ignorance that is exploited by opportunistic elements to perpetually hoodwink them into backing extreme nationalistic agenda’s; much to their own detriment! One cannot help but imagine what this country might have been like had the legitimate concerns of the Tamil population being redressed. Ironic how ignorance can in fact be blissful. Anyway, I will choose to remain optimistic and hopeful for my country.

  2. Federalism is too expensive, 13th Amendment should do.

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