The Real News on Sri Lanka

The Real News Network has a three part report on Sri Lanka. The program is mostly a conversation with R.Cheran, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Windsor.  The conversations ranges from Cheran’s take on the current situation, the diaspora protests, roots of the conflict, role of the international community and looking at the future of the conflict. 

Part 1. (Transcript):

Part 2. (Transcript)

Part 3. (Transcript)


2 responses to “The Real News on Sri Lanka

  1. R.Cheran is a well know tiger sympathizer and it’s hilarious to see him being interviewed to get an interdependent analysis.

    In this interview, he starts with a lie, continues with lies and finishes with lie and Sharmini Peries keeps on feeding stupid questions.

    Good job guys. Keep building stages for LTTE. And some day someone will recognize you and reward.

  2. This is the real news not the garbage and the obvious above.

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