Leaked UN pictures showing ariel bombings in the ‘no fire zone’

There’s a bunch of  satellite images going rounds allegedly showing evidence that the Sri Lankan military used ariel bombings in it’s self-declared safe-zone. Dr. Palitha Kohana however denies these claims by saying that the safe zone was bombarded before the civilians got there. Al-jazera has the story.


4 responses to “Leaked UN pictures showing ariel bombings in the ‘no fire zone’

  1. Please not that the images shown on Al Jazeera in fact are from the OUTSIDE No Fire Zone. There are 8 incidents marked within the NFZ in the UNOSAT document, only ONE indicates any kind of heavy artillery usage. According to the same report above, as well as civilians fleeing the area and ex-LTTE seniors like Daya Master and George, these are most likely the heavy weapons used by the LTTE, within the NFZ.

    Al Jazeera is “misquoting” Dr Kohona here, they are conveniently ignoring the fact that this was a former battle-ground before it was declared a no fire zone.

    Al Jazeera also spoke to Robert Karniol, an independent military expert who actually raised the credibility of the claims. Funnily, his comments never appeared in Al Jazeera website!

    Check out the images yourself here:

  2. Lots of funny stuff by Wijitha. I can’t believe people are disturbed by this and running around to save government face as if we are all doing some important duty.

    We all know what happened. surely, GOSL bombed civilians and many died. So what? We bombed outside the zone inside the zone. so what? terras were there, and we needed to kill them. Simple plan.

    Get a life bitchas.

  3. Well, Serendib, Kohana basically admitted to there being bombings in the NFZ . His explanation was that it was before the civilians got there. I don’t know if I’m buying that (or anyone for that matter) but that’s a more cognitive explanation than yours, I must say.

  4. @ Asanka, its quite sad to see that you find a “funny side” at someone’s misery. Any Sri Lankan should be disturbed by the way the international media is making a show out of what’s going on, be it at the cost of civilians in trouble or the nation at large.
    Then again, confined to local media, you might know what happened, but you have no idea how the rest of the world is looking at Sri Lankans, because you seem to be such a well-informed intellectual. No wonder the nation is in a mess when there are people like you.
    @ Deane, Kohona was misquoted, he said NFZ was a formally a battle ground and also once the civilians poured out, the military took out decisive targets inside the NFZ.

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