This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Which means you can copy, distribute and publish content of this site for both commerical and non-commercial purposes provided that you don’t modify the content and you give us proper credit as the original source. Below is our Attribution policy.

If you are using content in InMutiny elsewhere please be kind enough to email us (inmutiny[at] and let us know.

Attribution Policy

At a minimum, we require that attribution of our content include:

For Online content,

  • A link from the text used back to the original post on InMutiny.
  • The text “InMutiny” hyperlinked to “” (This second link is not required per item used – a single link to InMutiny on each page displaying multiple pieces of content from InMutiny is adequate.)

For example:

 from InmutinyWhy a study Circle?

For offline content,

  • The attribution to InMutinty, displayed as :
  • If the post has an author included at the bottom of the post, the name of the author must appear on the printed piece.
For Example at the end of the piece,
— Author Name
Initially published on Inmutiny (

is sufficient attribution. Modification to the above format is allowed, so long as the basic information is conveyed.

Thank you for understanding our need to balance our desire for people to share our content with our need to make sure our editors and contributors are credited for their hard work.


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