Become a Mutineer

To contribute to InMutiny please email your submissions to inmutiny[at]

Everyone is welcome to contribute to InMutiny. The submissions must relate to the issues pertinent to the conflict in Sri Lanka and we especially welcome contributions by young people who are between the ages of 18-29. However, we place no strict limits on age.

You are free to openly express your opinions, but expected standards of civility and decency apply. When writing opinion pieces we recommend you follow the principles set by the Centre for Citizens Media on Citizen’s Journalism.

Beyond that please take note of the following guidelines when sending in your contributions:

  • InMutiny is a blog, your submissions need not be “articles”. It could be just a couple of paragraphs worth of opinions, poetry, or it could be full-fledged articles. We don’t mind.
  • For text, we request that you send us documents in Word, RTF, ODF or as plain text.
  • You may send in interesting links to articles, pictures or videos. We like to point out good stuff here at InMutiny. You will be given due credit for sending things in.
  • For articles, please let us know the name you wish to be published under – whether you own or a pseudonym of your choosing.
  • It is customary for you to send a (very) short profile worth a couple of lines about yourself and your background to be included at the end of your post. This however, is not a necessity.
  • With all submissions, we encourage you to send us an email of your choosing, so that we and others can get in touch with you if necessary.
  • InMutiny reserves the right to edit, as it sees fit, any content sent to us before publication. Including the right not to publish if we feel the submission does not relate to the theme or otherwise inappropriate.

Guidelines adapted from Groundviews