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Take US, UK to war crime tribunals before Sri Lanka, says the Defence Secretary

In an interview with NDTV:


Hunting the Tigers — Sri Lanka’s two Wars

Australia’s SBS has a new report on the situation in Sri Lanka. Highlights include  Defence Secretary Gotabahaya calling a journalist a terrorist, footage from the relief camps and much more.

The feature report is available at the SBS website at full length and on youtube included here in parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3

Who is Lasantha Wickramatunga?

Asks Gotabhaya Rajapakse,  Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary.

In his latest interview given to BBC, Mr. Rajapakse mentions he knows only two kinds of people — people who fight terrorists and ‘the terrorists’. Further the Secretary goes on to agree with the statement posed by the interviewer that dissent at a time of war amounts to treason. The full video is included below.

Update (02/07) : A reader sends us another interview by Mr.Rajapakse given to the Sky News Channel. See it here.

Update(03/20):  The previous video was removed, linked to a new version.